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2021 COVID Protocols

Orono Basketball Boys/Girls Tournament Protocols


People Present on Each Court
  • 2 Officials
  • 2 Coaches Home Team (wristbands supplied)
  • 2 Coaches Away Team (wristbands supplied)
  • 12 Players Home Team
  • 12 Players Away Team
  • 1 Clock Person
  • 1 Score/Stats Person
  • 1 Court Supervisor
Spectators on Each Court (Located 12 Ft Away from Court where Possible)
  • 10 Home Team Spectators (wristbands supplied)
  • 10 Away Team Spectators (wristbands supplied)
  • Head Coaches must check-in at their location’s entrance 30 minutes prior to their first game.  At that time, Head Coaches will provide their cell phone and email address in order to receive their Tournament Packet, which includes wristbands for coaches and spectators.
  • Head Coaches and/or Managers must complete COVID Form online at the following link prior to arriving for their first game. Coach MUST supply a check or cash at check-in for spectator admissions for $100.00 payable to: Orono Basketball Association.
    Boys Tournament
    Boys COVID Form Link
    Girls TournamentGirls COVID Form Link
  • Head Coaches will be notified via text message from a Tournament Representative that their court is ready approximately 10-15 minutes prior to their game beginning.  At that time, the team and spectators will be allowed entry.  Teams will not be allowed to enter prior to receiving their official notification.
  • Designated entrances and exits will be defined for each site. Site Supervisors and Court Supervisors will direct you to the appropriate entrance and guide you to the exit upon completion of your game.
  • HOME TEAM provides Scoreboard Monitor, AWAY TEAM provides Scorekeeper.
  • All coaches must wear wristbands in order to gain entry.
  • Coaches must keep their mask on during the game.
    • Players actively playing in the game MUST wear a mask.
    • All spectators and scorebook keepers must keep masks on at all times.
  • Post-game team meetings must occur outside the facility in order for cleaning to occur in between games; please make sure you assist in helping us keep games on time.
  • Teams will receive any awards after their last game. The Head Coach will receive a box with the trophies and will distribute outside the facilities.
  • Head coaches must keep an accurate spectator list with contact information for each spectator attending to assist in any Minnesota Department of Health contact tracing efforts in the event that any positive cases are identified.  


  • Teams will receive 12 wristbands total for coaches (2) and spectators (10).
  • NO additional wristbands are available for purchase onsite.
  • All spectators must wear a mask to gain entry and are required to wear it properly over the nose and mouth for the duration of their time inside the facility.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance of all locations and must be used prior to entry.
  • All non-players of any age will need a wristband to enter any facility and this will be monitored closely to adhere to facility restrictions.
  • HOME TEAM provides Scoreboard Monitor, AWAY TEAM provides Scorekeeper.
  • While inside the facility, please adhere to the following:
    • Maintain six feet distance, whenever possible from anyone outside their household.
    • Leave the facility immediately following the completion of your team’s game.
  • Players MUST wear a mask at all times, even during active play on the court.
  • Players MUST bring water, facilities to provide additional water will not be accessible.
  • All volunteers must wear a mask at all times.
  • All volunteers must wear Name Tag with Volunteer Designation on it.
  • Volunteers must monitor all public gathering areas, no groups can congregate.
  • Admission Volunteers will provide each coach, player, and spectator entering the building antibacterial gel to sanitize their hands.
  • All volunteers must monitor Coaches, Officials, and Spectators in regards to  keeping their mask on during the games:
    • Players MUST wear a mask at all times, even during active play on the court.
    • Coaches and Officials MUST wear a mask at all times.
    • All spectators and scorebook keepers MUST wear masks at all times.
    • Spectators MUST maintain six feet separation at all times, unless they live in the same household.