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Team Information

Tryout Criteria

We will be using evaluators from outside our Youth Basketball Program.  These evaluators will be using the following criteria:

1.  Skills:  Players who can perform age appropriate basketball skills and show the ability to continue learning new skills.

2.  Athletic Ability and Potential:   Players with the ability to learn and perform complex skills.

3.  Attitude, Coachable & Approach to the game:  Players who are positive, competitive and eager to learn.

4.  Position:  Players whose skills fit a specific need for the team's overall balance.  

Team Notification

Teams will be posted on this website as soon as possible.  We have a few athletes who are injured and can't attend tryouts.  We will leave spots open on teams until the injured athletes have had a tryout.  Teams might be adjusted after the makeup tryouts for the injured athlete(s).  Players may move up to a higher team at that point but no players will move down because of the makeup tryouts.